Buyer Tips: 3 Best Ways To Own Gold Now


Besides being one of the oldest traded assets, gold has been widely used to make money, and for good reasons. Despite the growing global economic crisis, the value of gold continues to increase. That is why investors trust gold for its wealth preservation qualities during market instabilities. In addition to this, gold is an income-generating asset. It has a proven track record of providing great returns, the ability to convert to cash on demand, and overall better performance than bonds and stocks. If you are a prospective gold buyer, here are three ways you can go about it:

1. Purchasing Physical Gold 

The easiest and most straightforward way to investing in gold is acquiring physical gold coins or pure gold bars. As the gold buyer, you will own and store the gold.

However, keep in mind that gold coins will not measure the current value of gold in a way that a bar will. That is due to differences in purity and collectability.

That said, you will need to involve a trusted dealer, know the prices and policies, and shoulder the storage cost.

2. Investing in Gold Stocks 

When looking for a method that eliminates the complexities of buying and storing physical gold, gold stocks offer the best alternative.

Purchasing gold stocks works in the same way as buying any individual stock. The only difference here is that you'll be buying stocks in companies that specialize in gold mining.

Once you own the stocks, you can either hold on to them during bad economies or sell them after a price spike, or when you feel no need to store your money in gold stocks.

3. Purchasing Gold Mutual Funds 

Unlike buying gold bullion or gold stocks, when obtaining gold mutual funds, you generally don't invest in the commodity itself, at least not directly. You will be depositing money into ETFs (exchange-traded funds) to own shares in various gold-backed assets.

An investment option that eliminates the need for concrete gold or individual stock is an excellent introductory point for exposure in gold investments. It also eliminates the hurdles involving storage, hefty insurance, and other costly fees associated with owning gold bars or coins.

Buying gold is an excellent investment decision. That said, you must make a good effort to seek advice from experienced professionals in the gold business. They possess a massive wealth of knowledge and contacts of trusted gold sellers. They will point you in the right direction and, more so, offer a tailor-made solution for investing in gold.


9 April 2021

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