A Successful Crop: Easy Payments At Your Pop Up Farmers Market


A pop-up farmers market event is likely to draw a crowd, especially when the weather is warm or when new seasonal fruits and vegetables are being harvested. If there is often a good turn out in the towns that you travel to for farmers markets that sell fresh fruits, vegetables, homemade foods, and plants, you can make a living becoming a traveling farmers market. As the person in charge of the event set up, you will need tents, tables, chairs, and the necessary paperwork for the rental or permit to hold the market in the space. Another thing that you need to be concerned about is the payment process. Here are three ways to make sure that payment at your farmers market is quick and easy. 

Rent an ATM for the event

It is easiest for sellers to collect their own cash for products. Each seller should have a cash box in order to keep their own payments and receipts. In order to make sure customers can provide the sellers with cash, you should rent an ATM for each farmers market. The ATMs can be placed at all of the entrances so that anyone who needs cash can go ahead and take it out when they first get to the event. Check with companies like Maritech ATM Solutions for more information about ATM rentals.

Provide phone payment processing

Nearly everyone has a smart phone these days. Smart phones do a lot of different things, including accept payments. Help all of the sellers at your event set up their own online payment processing information. The two things that your sellers will need is a bank account and a card reading attachment. This way customers can pay directly with credit or debit cards by sliding the card on the smart phone attachment. This means that the customers do not have to carry much cash, but the sellers can receive money for their goods within a day or two. 

Prepaid vouchers

If you tend to get repeat customers, you can sell vouchers for certain denominations to spend at your farmers market. The customers can prepay for vouchers between $10 and $100, then redeem them for products at the farmers market. The customers can give the voucher to the seller of their choice for products, then the seller can give them to you at the end of the day for payment. This helps with bringing back customers and allows you to stockpile money so that customers don't have to bring excess cash in order to shop. 


30 July 2017

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